Why Our Detection Dogs Are THE BEST




Mid-Michigan Kennel offers the very best in explosive and narcotics detection dogs. Our dogs are hand picked on site in Europe from one of the best vendors available. Owner Mike Morgan travels to Europe several times a year to purchase the dogs we train and sell to you. This hands on approach to testing and selecting dogs BEFORE they are shipped to the United States is what keeps the quality of what we train and sell you the best it can be.

Most people do not realize that buying dogs in Europe is like walking onto a used car lot here in the United States. As soon as you enter a kennel in Holland or and other European country, your asked what your budget is. If you tell the owner that you’re looking for dogs in the $1,800 to $2,000 price range those are the dogs you are shown. If your budget is $2,000 to $2,500 then those are the dogs you are sown and so on up the scale.


Mid-Michigan Kennels uses a vendor that does NOT use this method for pricing his dogs. All single purpose  and dual purpose dogs are priced the same because the quality of what you are testing is the same. The difference is the type of drives you are looking for and this varies between trainers and the training methods they use. Our dogs are tested and selected for a very high level of ball and hunt drive.

Prior o arrival in Europe, all of the dogs that owner Mike Morgan will be testing have already passed a complete physical which includes x-rays of the hips, spine, and elbows followed by a strict orthopedic exam and a complete blood panel. Because of these medical processes, Mid-Michigan Kennels offers one of the best written health warranties in the industry.

With an insane ball drive and a killer hunt drive paired with a completely healthy dog, Mid-Michigan Kennels offers a police canine and training course that can not be beat.


Coming in the next article in “What’s New” we will talk about our handlers training courses and how those set us a part from our competition. Until then stay safe and treat your K-9 partner with respect and kindness. He’s serving his community too.