Who We Are

Mid-Michigan Police K-9 has never compromised our commitment to providing the highest quality of dogs and training possible.

Mid-Michigan Police K-9, has trained hundreds of working dogs for police agencies across the United States. We have trained working dogs for contractors around the world and for several foreign governments including Bahrain, India, Nigeria, Philippine Airlines, Thailand, and Iraq.

Our experience in training dogs and handlers around the world is extensive. We understand that the needs of every agency are unique and we have the experience to work and train anywhere in the world.
We have the experience in both training canines and instructing students from any country, along with the experience logistically, to deliver our dogs and services anywhere in the world.

Mid-Michigan Police K9 trains the very best Narcotics or Explosive Detection and Patrol canines available. All of our canines come with a three-year full health warranty and a six-month service warranty. We stand behind our dogs and training.

Mid-Michigan Police K9 offers a complete “All Inclusive” pricing package when you purchase one of our canines. Each purchase includes the following:

  • The trained canine
  • The handlers training course
  • A three-year health warranty
  • A six-month service warranty
  • All basic equipment. Leads, collars, tracking harness and line.
  • Free maintenance training for the service life of the dog.
  • All Inclusive pricing and a 3-year health warranty makes Mid-Michigan Police K9 your best choice when purchasing a high quality working dog.


  • “In early 2014 we were looking to start the first K-9 Unit at Ionia DPS and were referred to Mike Morgan and Mid-Michigan Kennels. The first meeting with Mike showed his passion and dedication for training quality police dogs, and that has continued on for the almost two years we have been associated. Our dog, Blocker, has been nothing short of outstanding. We were looking for a good tempered dog that could be a community dog yet switch to ‘work mode’ when given the command, and that is exactly what we received. Blocker has been trained in narcotics detection and tracking, and he excels at both. Mike continually offers in-service training to our K-9 Handler and Blocker and he is a great resource for training tips and questions anytime. I strongly endorse Mike Morgan and Mid-Michigan Kennels.”Director Troy Thomas
  • “Mike Morgan’s experience and guidance enabled our agency to put a K-9 program together during budget sensitive times.

    Throughout our programs tenure, Mr. Morgan has made himself available to our handler night and day for questions, concerns and training ideas.

    I cannot speak highly enough about Mid- Michigan Kennels and their dedication to developing and training the best Canine Teams in the country. Their service comes with my highest recommendation.”Chief Deputy Jeff Swisher (Jones County Sheriff’s Office)

  • “I graduated from Mid-Michigan Kennels in October 2007. Mike’s canines are unbelievable! Since graduating, I have not hesitated to endorse Mid- Michigan Kennels whenever another Police Department or Sheriff’s Office is looking to purchase a canine. The Fairfield Police Department was so impressed with Mike and his canines that we recently purchased our second dog from Mid-Michigan Kennels after my canine retired. Mike’s knowledge and ability to pass that knowledge on to new handlers is unmatched!”Captain Colin Smith (Fairfield Police Department)
  • “The DeWitt Township Police Department has used Mid-Michigan Kennels since 2002 for dual purpose service dogs. Our service dogs have taken thousands of dollars of drugs off the streets including cocaine, heroin, meth and marijuana. They have also tracked down several fleeing felons. Mid Michigan Kennels is professional, their trainers are experienced and we feel that we do get ‘Police Service Dogs That Get Results.'”Chief Brian Russell (DeWitt Township Police Department)

All of our handler courses are Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, (MCOLES) p.a. 302 approved.

Mid-Michigan Police K9 uses only real narcotics and explosives to train our dogs. We NEVER use Pseudo materials.

Mid-Michigan Police K9 is an ATF-E Licensed facility.